All Aboard the Branded Game Of Throne’s Train!

With Game of Thrones nearing its end companies are jumping at their final chance to integrate it into their advertising and content plans. We take a look back over the latest seasons best Game of Throne’s branded content from makeup to alcohol. *No spoilers ahead we promise!*


Bud Light

Did Game of Thrones hijack Bud Light or did Bud Light get lucky? A perfectly timed Super Bowl Ad in a way that no one expected. Watchers were thirsty (pun intended) for more GoT and Bud Light delivered.



OREO released limited edition Game of Thrones cookies as a tribute to the final season. Featuring the three houses still battling for the Iron Throne and the White Walkers above the wall.


Urban Decay

Not something you would expect to come from Game of Thrones however Urban Decay released an entire GoT inspired collection, even including an eyebrow brush called Arya Stark’s Needle! (The entire collection goes for $250).


Johnnie Walker (Aka White Walker)

This best served icy cold scotch is a special edition White Walker label. The bottles use temperature-sensitive ink to reveal the message “Winter is Here” on their labels when they reach freezing temperatures.



The Adidas X Game of Thrones collection of Ultra boots had its official launch too. The capsule is compromised of six versions each with their own specific Westeros-ian theme. Ranging from a White Walker version to a Targaryen-specific pair.


Mountain Dew

A can has no name. Moutain Dew sacrifice its name for a limited-run special edition ‘A can has no name’ edition. The can is inspired by Arya stark and her training with the Faceless Men of Braavos. When warm the can is brandless however once chilled the can reveals Arya’s iconic kill list (with a glance at the remaining names left in the final season).