The Government is giving you $60mil for social media advertising

If you’re an Australian business and you’re not utilising Facebook and Instagram as advertising channels, it’s time to catch up. In an effort to drive Australian digital exports, the Government has put a $60 million boost in the latest budget for businesses to spend on Facebook, Instagram and Google plus other forms of international marketing.

The Trade Minister Simon Birmingham announced the good news, informing us that more than 3500 companies have already engaged through the export market development program.

With online purchases growing by 20% last year, one of the stand-out success stories benefiting from this initiative is the Sydney-based clothes firm, Showpo. They have indicated the business will generate up to $85 million in sales over the next year by using taxpayer funding to run ads on Facebook, Google and Instagram. The company has reported a 50% sales growth year on year as a result of their strategic advertising strategy.

The scheme will support businesses breaking into the international markets, allowing them to connect with a whole new group of customers. Senator Birmingham said, “It will make a real difference to Australian businesses that are thinking globally about their businesses, whether they are exporting for the first time or considering developing new overseas markets.”

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